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Triller: A Symphony of Innovation, Creating a Financial Phenomenon Beyond Sum of Its Parts

Via Billboard:

In the relentless pursuit of innovation that defines today’s financial landscape, few events stand like Triller’s public listing. As a company at the intersection of AI technology, influencer marketing, combat sports, and entertainment, Triller’s announcement of its filing for a public listing on the NYSE represents a defining moment in investment history. With Cantor Fitzgerald as its bank and Citadel as its market maker, it has attracted leaders in the financial industry to ensure the brand is successful.

Here’s an in-depth look into why Triller’s listing is one of the most exciting of 2023:

Triller’s AI, initially called Amplify.AI, has redefined user experience. Tailoring content to individual preferences, this innovative tech not only improves user experience but also opens up avenues for monetizable interactions, breaking 750 million every quarter. With comparisons to Open.AI and a valuation north of $23 billion for OpenAi’s similar technology, Triller’s AI machine stands as a significant pillar of growth.

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