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Basketball Beauties

Triller Partners with Basketball Beauties League to Empower Women in Sports

Triller, a leading global AI-powered technology platform, is partnering with Basketball Beauties, a league and initiative aimed at amplifying and uplifting women in sports, to provide a platform for female athletes to access sports opportunities.

As part of this partnership, Triller and the Basketball Beauties league will showcase the talent, strength, and determination of female athletes across various basketball avenues. By leveraging Triller’s innovative platform, these women will have the ability to inspire others, share their stories, and promote gender equality in sports.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Basketball Beauties League to support and empower women in sports,” said Kendra Johnson, Director of Creator and Talent Partnerships for Triller. “Through this partnership, we aim to celebrate the achievements of female athletes, provide them with a spotlight to showcase their skills, and create pathways for their success both on and off the court.”

The Basketball Beauties league, known for its dedication to championing women in sports, is equally enthusiastic about this collaboration. “Our partnership with Triller represents a significant step towards promoting gender diversity and inclusion in the sports world,” said Jude Thomas, founder of Basketball Beauties. “Together, we will amplify the voices of female athletes, recognize their contributions, and open doors to a brighter future for women in sports.”

The partnership between Triller and Basketball Beauties underscores a shared commitment to empowering women, fostering talent, and creating a more inclusive sporting community. Through joint initiatives, events, and campaigns, both organizations are poised to make a lasting impact on the landscape of women’s sports.

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