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Triller Prepares for Its Public Launch on NYSE. But Who Exactly Is Triller?


Swizz Beatz, Ashanti, Wassim ‘Sal’ Slaiby, Busta Rhymes, 21 Savage, and a long list of other celebrities share one common link: they all hold shares in Triller, which has recently revealed its intentions to go public on the New York Stock Exchange later this year. This move is set to become the most significant creator-owned public listing ever.

Similarly, well-established brands like Verizon, Nike, Activision, and many others have tapped into Triller’s distinct branding and promotional tools, inclusive of its AI named Amplify, often touted as the “ChatGPT of brand marketing.”

While many recall Triller as a contender to take TikTok’s spot, it’s actually more than that. Essentially, Triller operates as an advanced social marketing platform powered by AI, intersecting with almost every major social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Its AI is continually working in the background, bridging the gap between brands and users, influencers and their audiences. Triller boasts an impressive 750 million+ interactions per quarter within these platforms, catering to some of the world’s most influential names and brands.

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