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Triller Sees Record Usage and Breaks 450M Registered Users Amidst Looming TikTok Ban

"As the TikTok ban approaches, Triller once again emerges as the clear replacement for TikTok," says US Weekly

Via Us Weekly:

As the TikTok ban approaches, Triller once again emerges as the clear replacement for TikTok. Triller made headlines in 2020 for producing the highest-grossing digital PPV of all time with Tyson V Jones and for becoming the only app to ever hit number one in 80 countries due to then-President Trump announcing an imminent ban of TikTok. Although the ban never materialized, the world had decided that Triller was the go-to replacement app if a TikTok ban were to occur.

Triller known as the “smash-mouth marketing” social app that broke all conventional norms-Where others were scared to go, they would almost fearlessly climb, and certainly make a lot of noise. Triller is much more than just a TikTok replacement, as Triller’s open-garden system ensures that creators receive more than 70% of the money in the influencer ecosystem. Triller’s proprietary AI toolset also ensures that creators can monetize their content fully on other social networks like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter. In fact, according to traditional analytics where .01 percent of an audience actually “clicks” due to Trillers various technologies and affiliates its able to produce as high as a 70% click rate.

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Via Billboard

Triller, the U.S.-based answer to foreign social media video sharing services, is poised to have a big 2023. The startup first rose to prominence in 2020, as it made headlines for producing blockbuster pay-per-view boxing matches as well as launching careers for a slew of up and coming combat sports athletes. Beyond its emphasis on sports promotion, the company was also embraced by many creators in 2020 as its China-based competitor faced increasing hostility from Congress and former President Donald Trump. While its competition readies itself for its first-ever testimony before Congress later this month, the future couldn’t look brighter for Triller, who is currently on the cusp of being publicly traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “illr.”

For Triller Executive Chairman and Owner Bobby Sarnevesht, the company’s success is due in no small part to the fact that it’s the only big tech company that isn’t owned by big tech. “Our primary stakeholders are the artists and the influencers themselves,” Sarnevesht says. “What people don’t understand is that we aren’t just ‘for the artists,’ we are the artists.” With a string of celebrity endorsements spanning social media, music, sports, and more, Sarnevesht claims that Triller might be “the largest creator owned company ever to exist.”

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