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Sam Feldt Metaverz event

Triller Delivers First-Ever EDM Concert in

Fans gather for a groundbreaking performance and meet and greet by DJ Sam Feldt

Fans of DJ Sam Feldt mingled and danced at the electronic artist’s performance in the Netherlands from the comfort of their own homes on Saturday, October 22, thanks to Triller’s Metaverz, a first-of-its-kind virtual integrated digital, technology, media and entertainment platform.

In partnership with and Epik, the Metaverz provided a portal to the concert during one of electronic music’s largest gatherings in the world, the Amsterdam Dance Event, and allowed attendees to spend time on the main stage, gather in private video chat areas and to get up close and personal with Feldt during a live meet and greet.

“We were thrilled to put on our first Metaverz event and take a step towards bringing people all across the globe together in ways not thought possible. Triller’s Metaverz aims to simplify and increase accessibility for users of all ages and backgrounds,” said Christopher Taurosa, Head of Metaverz. “Thank you, Sam Feldt, you truly put on one amazing show.”

Feldt’s fans from all over the world attended the concert for free through the Metaverz portal, where they could establish their own avatar and wander in and out of private rooms, all while still being able to see and hear the concert. They could also have their microphone and cameras on with only those in the private areas, allowing them to raise their avatar’s hand and participate in a real-time question-and-answer session with the renowned DJ.

“Performing in a groundbreaking venue like the Metaverz was an incredible experience,” Feldt said. “Everyone else is talking about the metaverse, but Triller just stepped up and did it.”

“The Triller team and Sam Feldt killed it, such an incredible event,” Audrey Jongens, who attended the event through the Metaverz, said. “I can’t wait until the next one!”

“The event was so well run. Sam Feldt was an icon!” added Kenneth Pabon, who got a chance to talk to Feldt during the interactive meet and greet. “He answered all my questions and my avatar was so customizable. Would definitely do it again.”

“The future has arrived, and we brought it here,” said Mahi de Silva, CEO and Chairman of Triller. “I couldn’t be more proud of our team and believe this is now a paradigm shift in live events.”

“Triller and worked seamlessly together to make the Sam Feldt concert an unparalleled experience for the fans,” said the founder of, Frank Fitzgerald. “We are building the future where users will be able to interact realistically and spontaneously in virtual spaces from anywhere in the world.”

Triller’s Metaverz is planning a diverse calendar of experiences in the coming months including music, sports, gaming, and other live events. Users will be able to gather for live concerts, attend championship fights and engage directly with their favorite artists, athletes and creators in a unique setting designed to bring the world to them.


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