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Triller’s mission is to deliver superpowers to every creator and brand that gives them an unrivaled economic advantage to create, distribute and monetize content.

Fangage is the all-in-one solution for creators to engage, own and monetize fan relationships. It allows creators to reach 100% of their audience and own 100% of fan data.

On Fangage, creators build their own, fully-branded, mobile-friendly website. They can easily add all types of exclusive content and experiences, sell subscriptions, and reach their fans directly via email, text, and voice.

Fangage - Data Ownership
Fangage - All-In-One Platform
CLIQZ - Bevery Hall Giveaway
CLIQZ - Charli Damelio Text
CLIQZ - Anthony Hamilton Triller

Cliqz is a text messaging tool for instant and direct communication with fans. While social media posts, on average, are seen by less than 5% of a creator’s fanbase, text messages have a 95% open rate and a 50% click-through rate.

Creators can reach their audience instantly and segment communications to fans based on demographics (age, location, gender, etc). The self-serve portal makes it easy for creators to send and respond to messages or automate responses through our conversational A.I. platform.

Amplify gives creators and brands AI-driven conversational superpowers.

Responding efficiently to comments on Facebook and Instagram is just not economically viable. But Amplify delivers real-time comment analysis and automation of high-impact actions, such as  liking positive comments, posting public replies to FAQs, tagging customer complaints for CX, and hiding problematic comments, such as those containing hate speech.

Amplify - Dixie Damelio
Amplify - Data
Julius - Intelligent Technology
Julius - Comprehensive Platform
Julius - Connecting Influencers and Brands

Julius connects brands with influencers to reach and engage impactful audiences.

It offers a variety of tools that streamline influencer marketing campaign management. Save time activating your campaigns, calculate your ROI, and track your success – all in one convenient platform.