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Top Creator Economy Trends from Triller’s Anshu Khurana

Anshu Khurana is an industry leader who has vast experience in technology and social media. She previously led partnerships at Facebook and Instagram and was an executive leader in the affiliate space, which gives her a unique and well-rounded perspective on social commerce.  She currently heads monetization for Triller’s creator platform.

What are the 3 top trends you have seen in the Creator Economy in 2023?

Creators are the new entrepreneurs. They are launching subscriptions, setting up shops and creating their own branded merchandise. They want to own their audiences and their relationships with them. And this is not applicable just for mega creators but also nano/micro creators who have a deeper and more authentic connection with their audience. Tools that enable this will see the most traction from creators.

Brands need to appreciate that while final outcomes (such as sales) are important, creators build awareness and visibility for the brands, so they need to factor that in as they think about compensating creators. Creators will need to understand that they will need to drive business outcomes to be paid. Both sides are learning and will need to meet in the middle.

AI will allow creators to be able to be even more creative and unique.

What are some trends we can expect in Affiliate Marketing in 2024?

AI will play a big role. Brands will be using AI to find more effective partners, and potentially more niche partners, based on audiences using AI to drive performance.

Creators will create scaled yet nuanced content based on AI to drive results for brands.

How is AI impacting the Affiliate Marketing (or Influencer Marketing) landscape?

AI will allow creators to be even more creative and unique than brand agencies or teams can be. They can use AI to generate more specific content for specific audiences and the insights they get, if they are using a capable platform like Triller, will allow them to be more nuanced in their content creation. This will make them have a deeper and more authentic relationship with their audiences.

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