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Bryce Hall BKFC

Bryce Hall Just Won His Bare Knuckle Debut Against An Undefeated Professional By TKO

Via Barstool Sports:

Holy shit I cannot believe I am writing this right now but good for fucking Bryce Hall. This isn’t some schmuck either, Bryce fought a professional bare knuckle fighter. Gee Perez is 3-0 in his professional Bare Knuckle career and Bryce Hall just beat the shit out of him.

This man couldn’t even look up and the ref was so worried for him he had to stop the fight. 

It’s actually an incredible comeback story because when Bryce did a boxing match before he got knocked around pretty good and lost to a nobody. You always have to give credit to someone who steps in the ring because that takes balls, but I still can’t believe he won. 

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